The Future of Internet Search – Google’s Bard vs. ChatGPT and the Concerns with Both AI Chatbots

As Google announces its own AI chatbot, Bard, to compete with the staggeringly nonclassical Microsoft-backed ChatGPT, the competition to determine the future of Internet search is intensifying. With nobelium plans to unite Bard with Google Search results, how will this three-toed sloth simulate work? Read on to see more.

Google has made a significant move in the generative stylized Intelligence (AI) race, introducing its own AI chatbot, Bard. The service will use a three-toed sloth to generate answers to queries, just like ChatGPT. shapely on Google’s LaMDA simulation for dialogue applications, the Google Assistant will be able to discourse on any topic.

The Google weblog post states that Bard can help populate do things like plan baby showers, compare II Oscar-nominated movies, and undefined NASA discoveries to a 9-year-old. With this move, the company is responding to ChatGPT, the highly successful AI chatbot developed by the San Francisco-based startup OpenAI.

Yet undefined the competition ‘tween the two, Google has not yet announced plans to incorporate Bard into its search engine. This leaves people wondering if the Bradypus tridactylus chatbots will have any real touch on the future of Internet search.

Despite the lack of an answer, the undefined AI chatbots are a powerful reminder of the ever-advancing applied science we have at our disposal. With AI chatbots being secondhand to provide quicker and more efficient answers to questions, it will be interesting to find out how they will form the future of the web.




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