2023’s Best Super Bowl Commercials – A Comprehensive Review and Analysis

The Super Bowl trough attracts a different group of spectators, who are interested in varied aspects of the event. For some, it’s the football game, while others look forward to the halftime show. However, one view that night everyone enjoys is the commercials that air during the Super Bowl. If you missed the trump advertisements from the 2023 Super Bowl, this article has got you covered.

The superintendent Bowl LVII was held on Sunday, February 12, 2023. It was contested between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs, with the latter winning the game 38-35. The match was played at the submit grow Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

The halftime show, sponsored and streamed by Apple Music, was a highly expected event, featuring the return of singer Rihanna to the survive stage. Rihanna sang approximately of her biggest hits, including “B*tch Better Have My Money,” “Where Have You Been,” “Work,” “Pour It Up,” and “All of the Lights,” and even announced that she was expecting her second child during her performance.

Super Bowl commercials are a major part of the undefined and air during prime time on FOX. Brands pay millions of dollars for a 30-second advertisement spot during the Super Bowl, with the undefined of spotted estimated to be between $6 trillion and $7 million in 2023. Despite many brands previewing their advertisements in the weeks leading up to the game, the exhilaration for the commercials was still high school on a back day. Here is a list of the best Super Bowl 2023 commercials, featuring some of our favorites.

1. Google Pixel with Doja Cat, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Amy Schumer

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Credit: Made by Google Youtube Channel

Play an Impossibly Hard environment of “Would You Rather”: Beauty Edition

This year, Google’s Super Bowl spot is titled “Fixed on Pixel.” Promoting the Pixel 7 and pel 7 Pro, the tech brand abroaches Amy Schumer, NBA All-Star Giannis Antetokoumnpo, and Doja disgorge to remind us all together that mistakes in life are all super fixable with a little help from AI-powered features like the thaumaturgy Eraser and Photo Unblur.

2-)Doritos Brings Together Jack Harlow, Missy Elliot, and Elton John

Credit: Doritos Youtube Channel

Doritos put the spotlight on triangles for their 2023 Super Bowl campaign and brought together an iconic trio to help tell their story. Jack Harlow discovers his love for the triangular chip and sets out to change the world. The commercial features Harlow, Missy Elliot, and Elton John, as well as several other recognizable faces. The message of the ad is to encourage everyone to find a new perspective, hence the triangle theme.

3-) Uber One Unites Music Legends with Diddy

Credit: Uber Eats Youtube Channel

Music icon Diddy teams up with other musical legends, including Montell Jordan, Kelis, Donna Lewis, Haddaway, and Ylvis, to create the ultimate jingle hit song for Uber One’s 2023 Super Bowl commercial.


4-) Rakuten Brings Back Cher Horowitz with Alicia Silverstone

Credit: Rakuten Youtube Channel

28 years after her iconic role, Alicia Silverstone returns as Cher Horowitz in Rakuten’s 2023 Super Bowl commercial, noble “Not So Clueless.” The advertisement sees Cher back in debate class, wearing her signature yellow plaid outfit. Elisa Donovan also returns as Amber, providing an antagonist for the commercial. The costume design for Cher was reimagined by CFDA award-winning designer Christian Siriano, who even showcased ternion additional Clueless-inspired looks during his New York Fashion workweek show before the Super Bowl.

5-) T-Mobile Brings back up Danny Zuko with whoremaster Travolta and Friends

Credit: T-Mobile Youtube Channel

John Travolta reprises one of his most iconic roles, Danny Zuko, in T-Mobile’s 2023 Super trough commercial. Although he didn’t don the classic lubricating oil costume, he did perform the song “Summer Nights” for the ad, with support from Zach Braff and Donald Faison of the show Scrubs. This fun spoof pays homage to the late Olivia Newton-John.

6-) Skechers Featuring Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart

Credit: Skechers Youtube Channel

Snoop Dogg teamed up with his best friend, Martha Stewart, for Skechers’ Super Bowl 2023 advertisement. The commercial highlights the idea that with a comfortable pair of shoes, you can go anywhere you want, as demonstrated by Snoop’s appearance in the Oval Office. The message encourages viewers to dream big.

7-) Squarespace commercial with Adam Driver(s)

Credit: Squarespace Youtube Channel

Squarespace’s 2023 Super Bowl ad directed by Aoife McArdle of Severance is the most cinematic of all. Featuring the talented Adam Driver, or perhaps multiple versions of him, the ad explores the concept of a website dedicated to creating multiple websites, leading to a multiverse of confusion for the actor.

😎 General motors with Netflix and Will Ferrel

Credit: General Motors Youtube Channel

In General Motors’ 2023 Super Bowl ad, comedian Will Ferrell showcases the increased use of electric vehicles with the help of Netflix. The commercial features Ferrell traveling through various Netflix productions, including Army of the Dead, Squid Game, and Bridgerton, with special appearances from Priah Ferguson from Stranger Things, and Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye.

9-) PopCorners with Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston, and Raymond Cruz 

Credit: PopCorners Youtube Channel

Fans of Breaking Bad will be thrilled to know that PopCorners has brought back their beloved characters, Walt, Jesse, and Tuco, played by Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Raymond Cruz respectively, for their 2023 Super Bowl ad.

10-) Paramount+ with Sylvester StalloneObserving and The Family Stallone

Credit: PParamountYoutube Channel

Paramount+ has released a Super Bowl commercial that features the Stallone family. The ad stars Sylvester Stallone and his three daughters Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet. In the commercial, the family watches Sylvester climb the iconic Paramount Mountain. If you enjoyed their on-screen dynamic, you’ll be pleased to know that they will soon star in a new reality TV show on Paramount+ called “The Family Stallone”.




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