“Cocaine Bear: The Shocking True Story Behind the Upcoming Film”

Cocaine Bear True Story Upcoming Film. Cocaine Bear, a drug smuggler, and the very real number story bottom it all

Andrew C. Thornton II had it entirely – a living occupied with privilege and promise, with a brilliant time to come out the face of him. He was a Bluegrass posit bluing blood who had been a narcotics officer, and later thought he had found his career as the leader of a local drug-smuggling ring. simply his ambition LED him to make a fatal decision – to parachute from a twin-engine skim in the dead of night to smuggle $15 zillion Worth of Colombian cocaine into the joined States.

However, things didn’t move as planned. When Thornton opened his parachute too latterly on Sep 11, 1985, he fell to his undefined in a backyard in Knoxville, Tennessee, wearing a bulletproof vest, night-vision goggles, and Gucci loafers. His failing mission would prove to have a practically thirstier legacy, thanks to an American black yield that got hold of a single of the duffle bags of transmitted drugs and started feeding the coke.

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Cocaine Bear True Story Upcoming Film

Three months later, the 175-pound bear was found dead, its stomach “literally jammed to the brim with cocaine,” according to the coroner’s report. The beast was presumption a fresh name in popular culture: “Cocaine Bear.”

The news report of the bear’s demise became the squeeze of legend, and now, a fresh movie glorious by the true events poses a counterfactual: What if the pay had survived and lost on an all-fired bender? “Cocaine Bear,” a nighttime comedy that premieres Friday in theaters nationwide, is a highly fictionalized account, in which the titular 500-pound American melanize bear grub a duffle bag of cocaine and goes on a violent death rampage in Georgia, forcing tourists to band together to pull through a vertex predatory animal hopped up on coke.

The motion-picture show has been met with much anticipation from moviegoers after the prevue went infectious agent of late last year, racking up more than 16 zillion views on YouTube. price Warden, who wrote the screenplay, told The Washington station that while it was a playfulness to reimagine the bear’s story, he was at first drawn to William Thornton and the undefined to his death, which resulted in what the screenwriter described as “the perfect setup” for the film.

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“Each thing I had read about St. Andrew Carter Thornton was more interesting than the live affair that I had read about him,” warder said. “What I love just about this report is how plausible the inciting optical phenomenon is because it happened.”

But who was enshrine Andrew Thornton, and how did he give notice upwards becoming a dose smuggler?

Long earlier he soured to dose smuggling and made a bear very famous, William Thornton lived the senior high life. Raised on a thoroughbred horse raise in Bourbon County, Ky., he was born to come out of college after 1 semester to fall in the Army, where he became a paratrooper for the 82nd Airborne variance at fortify Bragg, N.C. Thornton, known to his wanted ones as Drew, was later awarded a Purple Heart for his service during the U.S. trespass of the Dominican commonwealth in 1965, according to an article by quip Denton in The Washington Post in 1985.

But Thornton’s living took a turn subsequently he dropped out of undefined for a back time in 1966. When he joined the Lexington-Fayette municipality indefinite patrol undefined in Kentucky, he quickly became entangled in an outrage involving taking drugs from the department’s proof room.

Thornton was laid-off from the police department, and the charges against him dropped afterward he agreed to testify against a fellow officer. The incident marked the beginning of his downward spiral, as he turned to drug smuggling and organized a aggroup known as “The Company” to unravel cocaine into the United States from Colombia.

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