Is the New Super Mario Bros. Movie Actually a Mario Kart Movie?

Wait, Is The Super Mario movie A Mario Kart Movie?

The up-to-the-minute superintendent Mario Bros. movie trailer has caught the worry of the internet. The prevue has presumption us a slip glance at what we can expect from the film, and it looks wish Mario Kart is going to play a considerable role. But does that mean that this movie is not a Super Mario Bros. movie at all, only quite a Mario Kart movie?

Toad and Peach walking inside a castle in in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Initially, it might look like this is not needfully a bad thing. After all, we altogether love Mario Kart, right? But is it really what we expected from a superintendent Mario Bros. movie? Adapting Mario is not like adapting The Last of Us where there is an ace-specific story with a narrative thread that fans wish undefined to be followed. The Mario universe of discourse has more unusual elements that fans want to see, and the Mario Kart universe of discourse is one of them.

At first, the idea of Mario and his Allies racing for playfulness seemed like a harmless reference to the popular racing game. But in the current trailer, we witness something more than simply a reference. It’s less Mario Kart and more Burnout, with Mario slamming into Koopas and agitating them off the road. We as well find Bowser leading his US Army into battle, but quite than racing towards Mario, Peach, and co. with a battalion of soldiers, we instead see his goons jump onto the Rainbow route from a near drop-off to cause havoc.

Luigi and Mario looking at the camera with unamused expressions in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Looking back at experienced trailers, we can see that this is not a new concept. Peach wearing her Mario Kart equipment while grabbing her halberd for battle, and the visual aspect of Rainbow route are both indications that Mario Kart is going to toy a significant role in the movie. But what does that mean for the story?

It seems that fighting and Mario Karting (presumably called blab Kart or simply go-karting in this world) are unity and the same. Mario’s violence has always been very cartoonish, simply even out then translating him stomping on his enemies’ heads is unruly to translate to the large screen if you likewise want to have an epic showdown. With Mario Kart though, the spectacle is crowded in.

The latest trailer dedicates a significant number of time to Mario Kart. From the close-ups of the gleam on Mario’s kart to spilling the beans grabbing the throttle, not to mention how much of the race has been shown off so far, it’s clear that a lot of the runtime wish be focused on Mario Kart. Something is sledding to materialize with Luigi’s organism cornered in the fortress, and Donkey Kong going from fighting Mario to being on his side, just surmising that somehow, its wish comes down to Mario Kart.

So, is The superintendent Mario Bros. Movie a Mario Kart movie? The answer seems to be yes. spell this power is not what fans were expecting, it could still be an enjoyable movie. We want to see the various Mario tropes down the years, and we expect that there wish to be fleeting references to some of the sports or Party titles in the mix.

In conclusion, we tin say that the current prevue for The superintendent Mario Bros. moving-picture show has dumbstruck fans with its focus on Mario Kart. spell it’s not what we were expecting, we can quieten seek forward to beholding how the movie plays out. With its unique take on the Mario universe, it’s sure to be a thrilling ride.

By Mateo Feo


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