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Laura Littleton: From The Voice Blind Auditions to Niall Horan’s Team

Laura Littleton’s performance during The Voice‘s Blind Auditions garnered not only the approval of the judges but also earned her a spot on Niall Horan’s team. The song that she chose to perform was Harry Styles‘ “Sign of the Times,” but it was Laura’s one-of-a-kind rendition that caught everyone’s attention. The infusion of bluegrass into the song’s arrangement, coupled with her distinct southern drawl, led judge Kelly Clarkson to believe that Laura was a country artist, causing her to use her one “block” on Blake Shelton. Despite this, Niall recognized Laura’s immense potential and unique sound, choosing her as his team member and commending her song selection.

Laura’s distinct musical style is a result of her unique blend of bluegrass and country music, infused with elements of indie-folk. Hailing from Mississippi, USA, Laura’s passion for music began during her childhood when she used to sing in church and participate in various local music competitions. Her family has been her staunchest supporter, constantly encouraging her to pursue a music career.

THE VOICE -- "Blind Auditions" Episode 2303 -- Pictured: Laura Littleton -- (Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC)

Credit: Casey Durkin/NBC

The Voice Blind Auditions
Laura’s Blind Audition on the popular reality singing competition, The Voice, marked a turning point in her professional trajectory. Demonstrating a flair for originality, she opted to perform “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles – a track traditionally reserved for male vocalists. By intermingling her signature southern twang with a unique arrangement, Laura captured the attention of both judges and spectators alike, eliciting a noteworthy standing ovation.

Kelly’s Block
During the performance, Kelly Clarkson, a judge on The Voice, exercised her “block” on Blake Shelton under the impression that Laura was a country artist. Kelly later acknowledged her error and hailed Laura’s uncommon sound as a blend of the iconic Dolly Parton and the illustrious Florence and the Machine.


Niall’s Team
Laura’s innate talent shone in her Blind Audition on The Voice, earning recognition from one of the show’s judges, Niall Horan. In his admiration, he commented on her distinct sound and offbeat style, likening it to the early days of “Sign of the Times.” Niall was confident that she could master any musical piece he would throw her way. After choosing to join Niall’s team, the Irish singer-songwriter boldly declared that he and Chance would be victorious in the competition.

Laura’s Potential
Laura’s potential is rooted in her ability to combine bluegrass and country music with indie-folk elements, setting her apart from her peers. With Niall as her mentor, she has a high probability of emerging as the winner of the competition, establishing a name for herself in the music industry.

Who is Laura Littleton?
Laura Littleton is a singer-songwriter from Mississippi, USA. She has a unique style that blends bluegrass and country music with a touch of indie folreading I.

What song did Laura Littleton sing on The Voice Blind Auditions?
Laura Littleton sang Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times” on The Voice Blind Auditions.

Did Kelly Clarkson regret using her block on Laura Littleton?
Yes, Kelly Clarkson regretted using her one “block” on Blake Shelton, thinking Laura was a country artist due to her southern twang and bluegrass twist on the song’s arrangement.

Which judge did Laura Littleton choose on The Voice?
Laura Littleton chose Niall Horan as her coach on The Voice.

What is Laura Littleton’s potential in the music industry?
With her unique sound and potential, Laura Littleton has the potential to make a name for herself in the music industry.


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