Google Launches Bard AI Chatbot To Compete With ChatGPT

Google recently introduced its latest AI chatbot, Bard, to a limited test group, in response to the success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Bard’s announcement, however, had a rough start when a moving graphic displaying Google’s AI capabilities accidentally spouted an AI hallucination, causing Google’s parent company shares to drop by $100 billion. Bard is currently being tested with select insiders, and those interested in getting access can join the waitlist by going to the Bard homepage and clicking the “Join waitlist” button.

Bard AI chatbot

Bard is an experimental AI chatbot, and some responses may be inaccurate or offensive, which is typical of AI chatbots. However, it’s highly creative and good at generating ideas. When tested, there were instances where Bard could be repetitive with its word choices, particularly when writing essays. Still, its creativity came with an unusual willingness to blurt out potentially messy details in speculative prompts. Bard’s response feature provides three drafts of each answer, which made each output feel less definitive.

Like other chatbots, Bard struggles to answer sensitive questions, but it does provide citations for its responses “from time to time.” Google Vice President Sissie Hsiao is exploring ways to integrate ads and other promotions into chatbots, according to The Wall Street Journal. However, it’s not clear how this will be implemented or if users will accept it.

In conclusion, the Google Bard AI chatbot is an experimental AI chatbot that Google has released to a limited test group. While it’s good at generating ideas, it’s not perfect, and some of the responses may be inaccurate or offensive. If you’re interested in using Bard, you need to join the waitlist, and once it’s your turn, you can try it out. However, like other chatbots, Bard struggles to answer sensitive questions, and it’s not clear how chatbots will be monetized in the future.

By Megan Cole


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